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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank You Universe - Merry Xmas!

Thank you, Sister Carol; living in Crnabrook, with your lovely family, for calling us, this enchanted evening. And, cheering me right up!

Bless you, beautiful single mommy, Kimberly and your two kids, for coming by, and bringing us gifts you really did not have to bring. Blessings!

Appreciating you, Chuck; for calling me up and speaking to my son, concerning how no male should ever treat a woman, the way your delinquent Dad treated and still does attemot to treat me.

Merry Xmas, Kevin. May you learn how to respect women and remember that this single mother, is raising her child - on her own, by consciuus choice, and sadly - by neccesity. No one needs to be abused by the rageful parts of neglected and once so precious you.

Nobody calls up the Mom of a happy homeschooling teen, and tells her that she is a "F______ Cun__!" It does not matter if she is sleep drprived and messaged you to let you know that she would have you meet up with your one beloved offspring, a little later. So what if you took 2 buses and the skytrain to get here, on Xmas day, from Burnaby, after you drank all night. Some real men, firght wars for their country and never even have a family to come home to. Ohter single moms lose their child, due to wretched lies told by mysogynistic males who refuse to come out of denial and deal with the skeletons that they to keep in theo own cluttered closets.

As a devoted Mother, I am party planner, club co-ordinator, fun facilitator and lone, female and often, soul-lonely lone wolf, without a tribe. Who needs to be battered on what most deem to be Christ"s birhday, or any other occassion. Not I.

Thus, my well brought up boy and man in the making, wrote a noteworthy note to his beyond naughty and emotionally imature male, who wishes to call himself a "Father." Telling his delinquent Daddy that he chooses not to see or talk to him, until he apologizes to his 'Amazing Mommy." This was on facebook, where families and friends often find one another, yet, not themselves!

Our supportive friend, Greg, has arrived in town, and parked his pretty, red truck out ftront. Kaelin plays checkers on a new Simpson set, thanks to our Fraser Valley buddy, who is going to sleep on the new futon bed that we were so kindly gifted. Thank you, Jeannie, for that special trip you made to our place, to so kindly drop that big, bendable baby, and chair - off Gregory will be a happy boy, this eve, or more like morn, they way our non-schedule works. And, sometimes doesn't - only according to some uncoordinated souls who have lost their way and know not that we are the founding mother and sons of our own new and perfect paradigm.

Off to visit another Special K and her two boys, who live across the street and is expecting me for a Mommy tea party. We will imbibe of a consoling cup of rousing  herbal tea, that shall refreshen our senses and invigorate the spirit. Two women, left alone, to fend for themselves in this often segrated world, where hearts are often no longer whole and people are left behind and forgotten. We will chat, talk, and walk in the fresh air of a chilly December day; filled with promise, hope and friends who appreciate one another

Mostly, I am in love with the brightest light in my life, that ever came through and to me. My magical boy; with his brilliant mind, happiest heart-beat and inpenetrably positive attitude. The person I am most devoted to in this often tattered and torn tell+tale torrid fairytale, is the shining mirror I must always aspire to be.

May we all empower ourselves. Owning our power, we give our greatest gifts. Speaking our voices, raises this earlthly realm. A higher vibration .. by volumes, speaks the truth, at a velocity, faster and finer than the lowered elements would ever phantom. Stand tall and touch the heavens, that we create for our highest and saintly selves. Let go of all else, or yee shall fall and tumble, as only a broken stone. Never to polish your points, becoming the precious and priveleged gem we all are so magically meant to blessedly become, and already are.

Merry Xmas from the sweetest parts of my Goddess-sent Self.

I love you!

In Greatness and Glory,


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