Saturday, December 11, 2010


Suck your pretty cheeks, deeply in ..

Put a straw in gorgeous green waters

And, holy Goddess - you gotta win.

Wee "God' in the magical making  ...

Sucking back life's sweetness

Rawsomeness for the tasty taking.

Turning a boy into a real Man ...

Surely is a Supernatural treat

Now, 'DO IT" - anybody can.

Eating green and growing strong ..

Simply so powerful and pure

 Gaia's garden; where all belong!

Katherine Marion 


My son always gets so many compliments on his glowing, clear, complexion. 

And, bright, sparkling eyes ..

Every wonder why?

Check out what my lean, green and never 'mean' terrific teen, has for dinner ...

Merely the miracle making appetizer.

The strongest mammal's on this planet, eat only grass.

Never stooping low enough to smoke it ...

Run fast, get no gas, and top grades - easily and effortlessly pass!

Glow for it,

We are

love K2


Believe me, you can even get your own 'picky' teen to drink a green juice. 

Blend up kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger and as much apple as you want sweet ...

One rawsomely refreshing, and healthy, healing treat!


Get thineself and the many highly valued lives you are going to soon, save .. to Eternal Abundance Produce Store and Consciousness-raising Cafe. 

This is where we spent many mouthful's of amazing hours, last luscious night.

Hope you enjoy this vision of health, that i was blessed to spontaneously capture ...

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