Monday, December 20, 2010

Ms. Santa says, "Rawsome Repast" - Organic Connections Cafe

Ms. Santa does her breast to no longer break hearts ... Just rules! Arriving close to 1 hour past sleigh bells chiming time, when all things fine began. Katherine and Kaelin floated in; rosy cheeks, highest heels and happy healing. While the not so wee and wonderful elf wore new hiking shoes from Mountain Co-op, Momma K strode in on designer black boots - thigh high, along with red and  white bobbed hat, almost touching a starlit sky. Yet, both ate heartily and happily of almost everything .. on the rawsome menu.

Organic Connections Cafe, "right across from the Sandpiper Pub, " sitting so precious and pretty;  alongside the sunny seaside strip of Marine Drive. Wickedly tasty White Rock, is the place to spread your wings and spend your precious easily earned dollars. The best part for me, was when the train, literally flew past the dining room windows ... Absolutely mesmerizing. Nothing like sitting down to eat your rawstruck pizza, topped with incredibly edible goodies, whilst watching B.C. Rail's beauties, sold off ... whiz by. As wondrous aroma's waft through the air, bite into a bit of living foods feast for the supernatural senses, if  you so deliciously dare !

Jan Bislin; talented young and rising star, started playing the violin at age four and sways to Gypsy music, like no other prodigy that so preciously shares his Goddess-given gifts. My shining son, and happy homeschooling teen, asked Mr. Mentor to play " Beethoven's Symphony #9." Next, Momma K placed her own request; Sarah Brightman;'s classic; "Time To Say Goodbye." Timeless tunes ... including Elvis' forever famous pelvis twister - "Love Me Tender." Of course, "Ava Maria" was the chart topper, tapping into the hearts of a grateful and gleeful many. Tables filled with smiling faces and filled bellies. What more could you ask for?

What did we devour, besides conscious company, victorious violin, and salty air? Well, where might this furry feline start ... Sushi wrapped in Nori and stuffed with fresh avocado, carrots, beets, cucumber and nourishing sprouts. Pizza topped with tons of raw veggies and served with the lightest, crunchiest, dehydrated flax crust. An un-cooked vegan nut burger, with the cutest and most deliciously nutritious bread-less bun. While some may definately come for the view, the decadent chocolate banana mouse pie - is to LIVE FOR.

Ellen Atkin was in-house, after staying up all night, due to drinking too much coffee, the night before. Her stunning arial photographic exhibition was on display and selling for a mere couple of grand a gorgeous piece. This lovely multi-talented conceptual artist, so kindly offered us a ride, after an enchanted evening, well spent and magically meant to be sweetly savoured. Many flavours of a flourishing community, tuning its flavourful forks. what feels right and works for the best of one and all.

Rawsome regards to the yummy chef in the kitchen. who worked with Aaron Ash of Gorrilla Foods, a few years ago, when they both created dined-upon delectables, at The Living Source on Commercial Drive. You gotta try this guy's Cheesy - non dairy - Kale Chips - that you are never going to want to stop munching. Generous platters of pleasing delectables to tease even the most discerning dissidents who may have before turned their noses up at uncooked food. From this delish day, forward ... turning their well heeled heads and healing systems, around, now and forever.

Stars in the clearest sky. Mother Moon gazing down upon us. A night worth remembering. Highest vibrations of the visual, tasteful, and tempting sort. Walking an hour back home, in towering heels, may seem like hell to some. Yet, after getting to divine destinations, heaven on earth feels to be closer than before thought possible. And, just think, it all started with a simply delicious dream ...

Katherine Marion (under construction)


It is 4:00 am, and I am grateful I  stayed up late, as Ms. Santa has been known to often, do - gladly writing up my list of the naughtiest and nice. Glad they are sometimes, both on the same beautiful bill!


Photo of K2 -

Thanks, Dearest Artist!

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