Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ms. Santa says; "Thank You"- to Michael Vincent

Last week, Ms. Santa, gratefully attended a Goddess-sent feast served up at Ultimate Products, in White Rock. I enjoyed coming down the chimney, to drink  Chia Tea and too many raw chocolate macaroon's.
My son, and homeschooling teen; Kaelin, brought a ziplock bag of deep brown, sweet and enzymatically-alive goodies, back home. Minus the Reindeer, the ride on the comfy bus, and Canada Line, was a winter's breeze ...

The best and most precious part, was being present, to feel the magic of Michael Vincent's newest dvd; "Thank You." His lovely wife, was relaxing in one of the healing rooms, receiving energies to raise here highest vibrations. We imbibed on alcohol-free, soul-warming drinks, and munched on non-fattening treats of the most rawstruck kind. Kaelin clutching more goodies to grow his pubescent self on, than you could shake a supernatural stick at ... While Momma K pulled up her knee-high Xmas boots, to really sit down and listen to marvelous man-made melodies.

I was told by the musical maestro of this enchanted evening that his friends has all "chipped in" to pay for the recording of his album. Now, this is what I  call a CIRCLE OF LOVE. Surrounded by those whom care about us, how can we do anything .. .except succeed. Certainly beyond our own expectations. Especially since, those whom love and appreciate our talents, see us as the rising star we always were and forever shall be.

Even though the ashes have fallen from my hair, and embers cease to burn me, I remain all fired up ... With my sleigh breaking down, and catching 2 buses and a train, to get to my divine destination, I was due to be delivered unto, only the sweetest surprises. Some gifts may come wrapped in pretty paper. Yet, the greatest presents are those of precious people, sharing their own ...

Thus, may we give our Goddess-sent gratitude, as we keep our hearts ignited; remaining  open to receiving the good and the Godly.

Katherine Marion


Sighting and photo of Ms. Santa - captured by one growing and glowing teen; Kaelin Marion.


Pic of Ace Musician; Michael Vincent and Ms. Santa - captured by a raw, chocolate eating young man, Kaelin.

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