Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Real Ms. Santa Stands Up

Off the street and on the beat
With the real Ms. Santa
You'd love to meet

In the air and full of flair
With the real Ms. Santa
Who really does care

Good news and zero cues
With the real Ms. Santa 
Singing no blues

In the flow and out to grow
With the real Ms Santa
Love does to flow 

Atop the world and under none
With the real Ms. Santa
Happy to be ONE

With joy and without regret
This, the real Ms. Santa
The best gift, yet!

Katherine Marion 


Pic of Ms. Santa, snapped on our way to Shalamar's Xmas party at Ultimate Products in White Rock, B.C, this rawsome holiday season.


Today, i felt a lot of sadness; emanating from my own deepest self. Every call i received, reiterated the same magical message. Knowing it was a long time overdue to call up Angels .. I dug deep into my cashmere coat pockets .. and came up Queen of Aces!

Please enjoy my bit of Xmas cheer and know that as long as love lives in your heart ... I AM here.


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