Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheers To Your Eternal Abundance

Heart open with eyes that shine

Drunk on the delicious and divine

Fed by love, faithful and fine.

May your belly burst with joy

Smoothie/s so oozing and coy

Flirting with fruitiness to enjoy

Feasting on fruits to fully buoy  

May your appetite be whetted

Raw Creamsicle; not regretted

Swallowing sunlight un-abetted

Loving life and the unexpected!

Katherine Marion


This enchanted evening, we remained open to receiving ..

Thank you, yummy Andrew, for  inviting Kaelin and I, to your yummy Commercial Drive, organic produce store. ,  serving up many mouthfuls of the most supernatural food sensations, served up with love and light, at one most charming and consciousness-raising cafe, in Victorious Vancouver, B.C.


The freshly juiced Green Power and rawk'n Truffles are to LIVE FOR!!!!

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