Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elephant In A Fall Sky

                 Elephant in a fall sky
                  makes my soul cry

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                   charging on high

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                    I can hear his cry

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                      he does so try

                 Elephant in a fall sky

                     be no longer shy

                  Elephant in a fall sky

                       to dare or die!

Katherine Marion


This poem is dedicated to M.B., a "facebook friend," who took Kaelin  and I to the the Richmond Dike, this fabulous Friday. We were all wowed witness to the sky turning the bewitching colors of an artist's priceless palette. Magic  unveiling itself .. for the very first and sacred time. A sumptuous tapesty of telling turbulence.  Electrically charged energy ... Filling infite skies with magnificence, truth and tales of greatness and glory.

May the bringer of this light .. find his own.



This captivating image that I so perfectly captured, shall be standing in it's gargantuen glory, as one of my many masterpieces.

As I re-create my  website, in mine own mind-numbing and tender-hearted name.

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