Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Born To Be Free

My son trusts me

Teaching him truth

Born to be free

Young teen boys

Learn far too much

Not always of Joy's

Puberty's painful

Rife with lessons

Innocence at lull

Hormones a-whirl

First love is mommy

Next, a young girl

For now, let it be

Firstly, a happy heart

Forever, born free!

Katherine Marion


How, many times do we take our children for granted? They are truly, miracles that were brought unto us. Energetic spirit forces. Sweet and saxred "second chances." Our blessings.

And, we are here to nurture, culture, and guide them. Suppport their spiritual growth. Not simply feed them "the right foods" and offer them " a roof over .." their heaven-sent heads. Ours is the mission. They are the gift.

My son is my first miracle.

The 'NEW ME' is my second.

There are no more "rolls of the dice."

This is it.

And, he is all.



Momma K


My son lays sleeping, as I love him - from afar. One 14 year young boy, dreams of slaying dragons, finding pots of gold and all that is magical and still alive and living .. within his wondrous realm. As his magical mommy writes one more ode of love to a young heart and old spirit who keeps her belief in real beauty and timesless truth; brilliantly illuminated and filled with light!


This pic of Kaelin was captured by me, on our way to Banff, Alberta, this summer. On the roadside, just before we drove through Hope - to enter into Joy!

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