Friday, November 19, 2010

Pillows Of Light

                  Fighting For Fresh Air

              Knocking Against Each Other

                Creating Sacred Space

                  Katherine Marion


No matter what is done or seems to be happening, it is always for the good of all. Whether it be man-kind or not at her/his kindest, we all win.

Floating is what me must all learn to do. Like a child, bouncing on an unmade bed of clouds ... Falling to Earth ... Merely, to rise up to the heavens ... All in one beautiful breath!

Colors are as many as teardrops. Our hearts rejoice in pain or happiness.
It is our divine duty to share this truth as we see it.

Allowing others, to again, remember to feel ...


This vivid imagery was captured on my fancy, little Canon movie camera, that my kindest raw food client: Michael, so generously gifted me with, a couple of yummy years ago.

See you flying high, in the sweetest sky of my own magical making ...


Clouds floating .. image; shot from my bedroom window, yesterday morn, at close to 7:00 am or 7:30 am, before my neighbors started filing out of their homes, readying for a new work day.

I went for a nap.

My own real"work" - done.


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