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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainbow Child

Rainbow Boy

filled with joy

Rainbow Boy

love to employ

Rainbow Boy

happy heart ahoy

Rainbow Boy

darkness to annoy

Rainbow Boy

light is no ploy

Rainbow Boy

heaven be not coy.

Rainbow Boy

Angels did deploy!

Katherine Marion


Thanks to a facebook "friend," Kaelin and I were invited to the Richmond Dike, a week or so, ago. After my son awakened, to throw up, three times, and begged off, to go back to bed, I commenced to get us on our wondrous way.

We went to visit Gano Excel's head offices with M.B., before the three of us, headed off the witness one ot the wonders of the world.

How often in a lifetime is anyone permitted to view such a spectacular array of mind-blowing, chakra-opening colors?

I am so grateful that I turned what could have been something to avoid .. into a supernatural sensory perception, of the highest senses.

Since then, we let go of our friend, who never truly was. Simply a spectator, hoping to obtain the most from my brilliant light. My shining son, sensed this misdeamor, of course. Even the culprit in question - no longer - sagely suggested that it was his presence that unerved calm-minded Kaelin, enought to cause him to vomit.

Later, I remembered the less than handful of times, in the very far past .. where Kaelin's body had reacted in such a knowing manner.

Our bodies tell us everything. We must listen.

Just as our hope and our faith are mirrored in every rawstruck rainbow. We must shine our magical mirror's upon those whom deserve their love and light ...mostly.

Grateful Goddess,



  1. not to vomit K. He must have eaten something.
    nice pictures katherine!

  2. Thanks, Circa-etnies,

    This I AM certain of .. it was the impending energy, to come. As well as our nice talking new friends intentions nad designs - his 'hidden agenda.'

    As in the past - on 3 other memorable separate occasions, my son ejected projectile vomits. During one incident, even the fellow we were with .. wisely saw and knew that thsi was to be our last outing, together. Non-coincidently noted by us all; during a full moon. This story is a book, unto itself.

    Another time, my son, threw up all over me, after one more controlling Aries guy with no legs, tried to attach himself to me, and turn my son his way. After my son revealed the truth, as written all over my shoulder, the famous legless hero, ran to get me a cloth to wipe up. He did have his artificial artifacts connected to him, at that particular time.

    My blessed boy sees and feels everything. We are in synergy. And when this beautiful energy is disrupted and static occurs, Kaelin responds. Our bodies never lie.

    When liars have been near us, thoughout my sons 14 1/2 years on this not always pure planet, my child's inner radar goes off ...

    I have watched my shining son pour out his emotions through sweating profuseley and heating up beyone measure, a few hours before the ministry came and took him away for 7 hellish months. After spending over 5 hours being tapped, needled, checked over and interogated at Vancouver Children's Hospital. This was at the tnder age of 8.

    We are all; such sentient beings. So incredibly feeling. Sadly, most creatures have lost their footing and no longer remain conscious of this connection with their own sacred temple.

    I would rather my son exhibit the signs and symtoms, less than periodically, within his over one dozen delightful years, than close up and shut off. As most have been taught to do.

    Thanks for your thoughtful commmnt, though.

    Very much appreciated - the fact that you are reading and watching our world, as it unfolds .. While we share our truth and send forth our loving light.

    To you - in Kindness and Gratitude,

    LOVE katherine