Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pastoral Sunset

              Pastoral Sunset

          Streaks Of Stained Sky

            Fading Into Dark

            Katherine Marion

This past early evening, at approximately 4:00 pm, I met up with one pretty and pregnant moon. Serenely, she sat, atop the shimmering tree tops. Across from her, stood her fading sun. Too tired to move, he let everyone and everything else do the work for him.

Clouds climbed atop Magical Mistrss, as she held her gracious ground. From my well lit vantage point, I could see that this amazing moment would and must ...remain forever fixed in my magial mind.




Imagine, if I had not let go .. of that ghastly image of the big bellied mentally disabled male, in the Marpole Oakridge Community Center sauna. Where ass (pardon the pun), earlier, all I could still see were his busy hands ... tugging bared private parts. Looking at me, as he ...

Shortly, thereafter, calling in what amounts to no "security" and ' all' seemingly excusing his abherant behaviour, due to his instability and inability.

To supposedly hold  onto anything  ... except himself;  in lowest esteem.

 Speaking my truth. Yet, flashing images triggering hostile feelings of many abuses gone ignored.

No more, I figured. I will show 'em.

Not to be.

Slowing way ... down.

To catch myself.

Floating with Mother Moon.

Opening her loving arms that embrace me ..

With utmost REVERANCE.

Knowingly, SHE looks into these tired eyes that have seen far too much, upon this eartly plane.

Enough to bring this teary eyed young girl - fresh pain.

Instead - getting out of my heavy head.

Entering into mine own HEAVEN.

Allowing myself to be caputred by PUREST RAPTURE.

Sharing JOY,


Later, to shake those few last images of that lost soul in his very own heated hell  ...

My supernatural soul-mate of an ever- shining son sagely suggests a healing acupressure massage at Big Feet. Nothing like a whole lot of knotted muscle release to let go ,.. and just be.

So, lookie at me!

New pic-ie and relaxed body.

Listening to Nana Mouskouri ( whom I have been blessed to meet ... ) as I sit, solo, in the comfort of my peaceful living room.

Singing "Amazing Grace," one more Goddess shares her own soulful song: " I once was lost. But now am found ..."


All is JOY.

JOY to All.


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