Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sharing Is Vital In Creating Family!

At 50 with my 14 year young son

Life is a thrilling and cherished one

Working out at Steve Nash's gym

Teen boy and his mom fit fitness in

Biking 20 miles every return trip

Visiting YYoga to stretch and drip

Healing infrared sauna to heal souls

Healthy partnership does love extole

Joy is made in the light of a fine day

Evenings where child and parent play

Together we help one another to see

Sharing is vital in creating family!

Katherine Marion


I love experiencing new adventures with my shining son, Kaelin. In a wounded world, where most parents do not even know where there children are, I am blessed.

We must put in the 'time', effort energy and patience, in order for our children to stay around and us to see the ravestruck results.

Every moment is magic.

Sharing Mine,



This sweet picture was capured by a fellow who was working out at the gym, last night. After I did 2 hot YYoga classes, in a row!

And, before I followed up with 1 hr of stretching and abdominals. Next, followed up with 30 minutes of intense weights; back, deltoids and bicepts.

Then, we biked home ....


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