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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Double Rainbow

Have you ever felt a gentle stirring deep within your soul?

Bouncing up like a beautiful new babies breath to extole ...

Have you ever found your faith after your heart spoke forth?

Watching a rainbow following you; shining from south to north ..

Have you ever lost your fear that covered every purest part?

Enjoying every blessed moment as you opened up your heart .,..

Have you ever fell down a dark hole to reach up even higher?

Calling out in heaven's name .. in order to never lose or tire ...

Have you ever found yourself living at the top of a wounded world?

Sharing sprinklings of earth's rainbow that come joyfully unfurled ...

Katherine Marion


I love this image!

This is one of many ... special moments, that this magical Momma K, - just so joyfully happened to capure, a wonderful week or so, ago.

Richmond Dike, B.C.

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