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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Snow

                       Yellow leaves on white

                   Steadfast soldier firmly stands

                       Grounded and giving


                        Katherine Marion


I popped my head out our large living room window, a few magical mornings ago. Seems my excited homelearning teen, had already set his own designs ...

 Creating invisible Angel Wings upon the soft, powdery mantle of snow. One near to sleeping child  is lured into a luscious land of all that is magical and mysterious.

Imaginings of a world  where silence speaks and night-time never peeks.


Watching the wondrous offerings of Gai, dropping like kisses onto a sweet, white cake.

 Cacoooned away, safely within the comfort  and shelter of our cozy home. We stand in awe ... As Goddess lays her loving blessings down!



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