Monday, November 1, 2010

Organic Lives with Love - Thanks To Pancho and Sal

Earlier today, biking in Vancouver's fabulous fall weather, I decided to visit my favored for a light, living foods meal;  Spring Roll, Apple Pie, and  3 huge Chocolate Macaroon's. As I ate spicy green olives and gathered up nuts and seeds, for sprouting, I realized that it was Monday night. Next thing on the rawstruck roster;  I am blessed to hug wonderful Wilma,  talk to clowning Brock Tully, and joyfully join their talented troupe. Of course, this is "Kind Stories"night,  and I am soon, to be a precious part of a thoroughly enchantted evening. Listening to the enlivening live music and love croonings of , I awaken my every long hungered sense. Digesting living foods, playing the wooden sticks, and singing, I am so glad that synergy has a sacred space in my luscious life.

So much LOVE!!!

The most delicious duo, whom have created 3 lovely off-spring; sharing  one  incredible story. A family transcending beyond what most people could ever conceivably comprehend. Let alone .. endure. A profound experience. So very touching, that my facial muscles almost twitched with overwhelming emotion. Such warmth and sincerity, rarely found in North America. No wonder .. these lovely individuals are from another world. In every sacred sense of the wondrous word. Generously gifting me with their two dvd's and inviting my homeschooling son and I to their home, for a meal and mini music fest. That is, as soon as two touring talents of the highest hearts happiness, finish their Master Cleanse. Already on "day 9," they have more than Lemon, Cayenne and Maple Syrup, to soulfully, see them, soundly and safely through ...

Be sure and catch, at the CULTCH, this weekend. Apparently, after merely a few years on the rawk'n roster, they are almost sold out. So, grab your heart by the sleeves .. and start dancing in the aisles!

Seeing LOVE wherever I wondrously wander,

Katherine Marion


Holy Goddess!

As I gratefully write these words, Pancho and Sol are singing "Time To Say Goodbye."

"So Long," as my Mother used to say. And, even more beautifully ...


Please enjoy this sunlit afternoon's vision; Katherine indulging in Kaelin's homemade miso soup and Kats Hot Flax Crax. Before biking into even braver new worlds of entrancement ...

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  1. Wow.. nice blog.. thanks. Was a honor for us to have you in the audience among all those beautiful souls.. :) Pancho and Sal