Sunday, November 21, 2010

A World Where Every Child Has A Home

A world where every Child has a home

Safe harbor to call one's blessed own

A world where every Child has a home

Warm fire to lay beside; embers glow'n

A world where every Child has a home

Bright lights to beckon in love; shown

A world where every Child has a home

Shadows filled with light; before unknown

A world where every Child has a home

Arms to keep her warm from wind blow'n

A world where every Child has a home

Happy hearts opening ; setting bliss' tone!

Katherine Marion

All my life, I have walked past the homes of other families and wondered what it would be like to live within those walls. Even as a single mom, of 50 youthful years,living and laughing with my teen homeschooling son, I still, often wonder ...?

Even though, my shining son, seems perfectly content, i KNOW there is the ideal home, set in the perfect setting, that awaits us.

My sster, Jacqueline used to imagine that she was one of the many children in a popular 70's Family tv show. I believe I remember her telling me, that it was "Eight Is Enough." So, I am not alone ... on this fantasy.

Yet, what about all the millions of children, and mothers and ... with no home? Not even a piece of cardboard to call his own and keep as a roof over one's blessed head! Dangerous to sleep on the streets. Unsafe to camp out at the beach. What un-kind of a world are we living in?

Share your JOY. And, if you don't have any left to give ... Find someone who does.

Start really living, loving and laughing  - all year round - for as long as life, love and light, does so beautifully and abundantly abound!

LOVE Katherine

This afternoon, we meet up with Kaelin's Dad, for the 2nd time in 2 years. We are a "broken-family." No matter. Our parents are of the same lineage. As our most, nowadays.

I made the right choice.

What I can and am giving my son are healthy and healing options.

The benefits that a strong mind, powerful body and beautiful heart can offer .. are beyond earthly measure.


I captured this vison ... a couple of years ago, while we were walking. Looks like a real, loving home. See ya there!

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