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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Magical Morn Before Xmas

Staying up all night to dance in the light of one more shining day. Throwing up my arms, and setting off 4 star alarms, as I pranced around my pretty tree. Freeing myself of all contraint as beautiful bulbs paint the walls with wonder and delight. Some Sexy Ms. Santa's may not wear garters to water their pretty Nobe Fir. Yet, sir, this is what this wanton woman does so pleasurably prefer!

Katherine Marion


I would like to thank my darling and no longer, not that little, enchanting Elf, who follows in my emotionally - fit and fantastic footsteps. Sharing love, capturing light and photographing his "Amazing Mommy."


Thanks to Love's Touch Lingerie for their sexy, sweetheart Santa outfit. Hope you like ...
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  1. where are the rest of the pictures?

  2. you are one really gorgeous woman. tall, fit, funny, smart. it's really hot that you are so fit at 53. i'm a bit younger than you, and you are driving me crazy.

  3. Thanks so much, greatly appreciated admirer.
    Kind words . count.