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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Child of Mine:; It was my Mother who died .. not yours!

                                            Child of mine
                                            My Mother died
                                            not yours

                                            Child of mine

                                            I went into grief
                                            of course

                                            Child of mine

                                            Your divine Mom
                                            still lives

                                            Child of mine

                                            This hopeful heart
                                            ever gives

                                            Child of mine                           
                                            not much time
                                            left to love

                                            Child of mine

                                            bond sublime
                                            rise above ..

                                           Child of mine

                                           I am here
                                           please, come

                                           Child of mine

                                           remove fear
                                           don't just run

                                           Child of mine

                                           Gain sight
                                           only one me

                                           Child of mine

                                           Lose losers
                                           You're Free

                                           Child of mine

                                           We count
                                            as Family

                                           Child of mine
                                           Real Value
                                           Loving Mommy!

                                           Katherine Marion


                                          This single Mother, was never allowed to
                                          grieve. No 'time out' did she receive.

                                          Nil for reprieve.

                                          Boyfriend had a nervous breakdown
                                          all over her and son's loving life
                                          right after I wrote her eulogy
                                          Loving son went into puberty
                                          chased all of his years ..
                                          by mischief-making MCFD

                                          Confined within unconscious community
                                          how could she leave?

                                          Bonded with her rising Son
                                          nowhere safe for them to flee

                                          went to live in hostile territory
                                          a pedophile lived in W.Van          
                                          in our new home
                                          no one to play 'the man'

                                          Roaring river, nearby
                                          thought my child might die
                                          taking off due to fear
                                          dirty old man did leer

                                          so much trauma
                                          my rapist died after over 30 years
                                          incarcerated due to me
                                          no small victory
                                          no one ever cheered me on
                                          singing my cheery bird song
                                          not for too long ...

                                          bouncing back .. after a close call
                                          ministry tried to take him , again     
                                          at age 12
                                          political statement
                                          they chose to make
                                          failed, once more
                                          so f'n fake!

                                         How much more .. can any person .. take?

                                         It only became .. worse
                                         Ms. Positivity all on her own
                                         rats, mice, moths, and more ..
                                         in this new home

                                        Wanted to die, sometimes
                                        so much to always do
                                        gave up hope, here and there
                                        no support
                                        nerves on edge
                                        truth laid bare
                                        Adrenal burnout ..

                                        Magical Life ..
                                        I once wrote

                                        became an online joke
                                        someone, have another toke!

                                       We learned the 'hard way'
                                        idiots don't deserve sages
                                       began going into mini rages
                                       minutes . became ages

                                       Now, it's been over 2 months
                                       since we've seen one another
                                       mentally ill society
                                       to keep an only child ..
                                       from his mystical Mother

                                       Well, I know only to believe
                                       amidst all the mayhem
                                       and madness
                                       bedtime is the worst
                                       up comes ..
                                       inconsolable sadness
                                       optimism .. in undress

                                      Keep myself safer, now
                                      don't give away all my life
                                      just my son

                                      He's gotta come back
                                      For ministry said, " She has too
                                      much influence over her Son."

                                     Which is why ..
                                     no matter how much they pay
                                     HIM to stay away
                                     offering to " pay for school til 21"

                                     their internalized war is already lost
                                     My love
                                     already WON!

                                     Shining Brightly,

                                     Every " Amazing Mommy' must be a Star
                                     so her child .. can shine!!!

                                    That which began as a sob .. in my lonely
                                    kitchen, was to be a quick 'p.s.'
                                    Evolving into a tear-laden truth sharing
                                    well, my sacred soul
                                    feels better  
                                    for the baring.

                                    Sweet daydreams and visualize every molecule ..
                                    coming into ecstatic existence.

                                    I Am

                                    Purest Mother Love,




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