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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What you Focus on .. is all that matters!

                                                   What you focus on ..
                                                    is all that matters:

                                                    If guilt be your subject
                                                    pain in woe to project

                                                    After we've let go of all ...
                                                    no one left to protect

                                                    Let's feel sorry forever
                                                    unwise and not clever
                                                    Forget about the living
                                                    ourselves; not forgivng

                                                    What you focus on ...
                                                     builds or batters

                                                    No one told you, that
                                                    when nil went to bat

                                                   She kept you safe, brat
                                                   away - up late, she sat

                                                   She can be a calm Kat
                                                   even when smell'n a rat

                                                   Her trust, upon you shat
                                                   still, accepting your crap

                                                  What you focus on ..
                                                  shines or shatters

                                                  Everyone loved that love
                                                  moved in to push and shove

                                                  "Blessed Angel from above"
                                                   ain't that a gestational rub

                                                  even leaving 'deadbeat' dud
                                                  full time Mom; no such sub

                                                  hollowed out to the hub
                                                  what's the problem, bud?                         

                                                 What you focus on ...
                                                  Snakes or Ladders?

                                                 This moment lives for Son
                                                 Woman; Kind - as no one
                                                 heart full of purities .. sum
                                                 Hold on, fast - do not run!!!!

                                                Katherine Marion


                                               All i can fairly say is that while
                                               cleaning up a bucketful of pee;
                                               a gift our puppies left for me ...
                                               my mind caught up with an already
                                               beautifully woven tapestry

                                               Simply mine to un-weave ...


                                               To Believe


                                               Well, my rising  Son may have recently
                                               changed his name - yet, at least
                                               we still share the same .. initials.
                                               For Now

                                              K2 Forever




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