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Monday, August 12, 2013

My bladder is full - I want to bang my head

                                            My bladder is full
                                            I want to bang my head
                                            against the clean, white wall

                                           Nope - won't let myself ...

                                            My bladder is full

                                            I ache to hold my child
                                            pressed against loving breast

                                            Thanks to "Amazing Mommy"
                                            '6 foot tall'

                                           My bladder is full

                                          'broken record' played - still
                                           by broken doll

                                          I cry for wounds; cut deep
                                          and that's not all ...

                                           My bladder is full

                                           I have been left alone to die
                                           into a hole; to crawl

                                           some misogynist's have
                                           only guileless gall

                                            My bladder is full

                                            I see the atrocity that 'is'
                                            Wise Woman; without shawl

                                            creeps crawling ... to piss
                                            upon what once did; enthrall

                                            My bladder is full

                                            I leapt into fire; willingly
                                            out of well-lit hall

                                            treatment; unjust as hell
                                            heaven; to appall

                                            My bladder is full
                                            No one to carry me home
                                            out of 'them' all

                                            Continue to wipe my eyes
                                            and ball ...

                                            My bladder is full

                                            This heart hurts not in vain
                                            My 'Innocent' they maul

                                            Believing in our real Love
                                            I hear Angels; call ..

                                           Katherine Marion


                                           Unlike Thelma and Edward, I shalt not
                                           pee on any surface that seems appealing ..
                                           when the need arises ..

                                          To 'the potty;' this forgotten damsel, shall go

                                           And wherever I am - Truth follows ...

                                           Answering to Love - only,




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