Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What if people puled strings ..?

                                              What if people pulled strings ..
                                               offered me silly things
                                               like unconditional Love?

                                               I'd see them in newest light
                                               Angels without Angels

                                               Magic of healing hearts -above

                                              What if men moved mountains
                                               home of earth with fountains

                                               like in our deepest dream?

                                               They'd see me with bright eyes
                                               Angels without Angels

                                               Things are not as they may seem                  

                                               What if women flocked together
                                                kept faith and family, together

                                                Sanest sisters-  leading.

                                                We'd be in healing harmony
                                                Angels without Angels
                                               Courage is opening  for receiving

                                               What if children remembered Joy
                                               She and He; remained girl and boy

                                                Happy World would we BE

                                                Species evolving perfectly
                                                Angels without Angels

                                                One.- less, is far from from Divinity!



                                               This poem fell forth . in the amount of man-made time
                                                life borrowed for me;  to willingly write it.
                                               As par for my consciousness-writing course
                                               My purpose is to please no one - only to allow
                                               Trespassers may merely observe observations.
                                               Making sense of it - the un-magical, will do nil
                                               Too many; preferring to lay beside  road kill

                                               Well, i realized i was one of a rare few - eons' ago
                                                Thus, i continue to keep  pace with my inner equaton
                                                Erased from the inconsiderate' - status quo.. so?

                                                Remembering who I am - top priority to me
                                                Love is something I'm creating; life's  winding way
                                                Breech birth; would be more comforting than this
                                                I'd merely settle for funds for intentions and a kiss!

                                                K.M. with an " A" for Amen in the middle
                                                or Anne - for short
                                                Besides i love Green Gables
                                                and being Frank!




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