Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Mother Came to Me ..

                                                    My Mother came to me
                                                    told me i was free

                                                    She is close as can be
                                                    offering divinity

                                                    With my heart I see
                                                    love - sent; clearly

                                                    One heart art WE

                                                    Katherine Marion


                                                    A couple of hours ago..
                                                    preparing my early morn meal..
                                                    I began to FEEL ..
                                                    my Mom

                                                    Tears started to drop
                                                    from my happy face

                                                    any guilt for not 'doing more'
                                                    I can finally erase

                                                   No idea .. this was holding me back
                                                   from healing

                                                   Glad i have cracked .. apart
                                                   and now, really - FEELING!

                                                   I love you, blessed Mommy
                                                   Learning to do let go of fear ..
                                                   can cost lives ..
                                                   Letting go of you
                                                   was the craziest thing ..
                                                   an eldest daughter
                                                   could do

                                                   Too bad
                                                   it took losing ..
                                                  "ONCE in a LIFETIME"
                                                  YOU ...

                                                  To find out!

                                                  Your Katherine - Forever

                                                  "With all my HEART and SOUL,"
                                                   as you always did so lovingly say.

                                                   Thank you for bringing me into this world
                                                   to remember ..  love

                                                   Showing me to listen .. to what
                                                   really counts

                                                   I AM


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