Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jesus never said, " I 'm too busy"

                                           Jesus never said,
                                           " I'm too busy"

                                           Rather be dead        
                                           than be dizzy

                                           Jesus never said
                                           " I'm too busy"

                                           What's a life
                                           lived in our head?

                                           Jesus never said
                                           " I'm too busy"

                                           Kill yourself
                                           working so hard

                                          Jesus never said
                                          "I'm too busy"

                                          Blind to love
                                          Joy on the shelf


                                          Jesus never said
                                          " I'm too busy"

                                          heart surgery
                                          see what counts

                                          Jesus never said
                                          "I'm too busy"

                                          open it, now
                                          it's Mommy

                                         Jesus never said
                                         " I'm too busy"

                                         Jesus never said
                                         " I'm too busy"

                                         he knew to give
                                         no one to forgive

                                         Jesus never said
                                         :" I'm too busy"

                                         Come on, now ...
                                         that's my Kid!

                                          Katherine Marion

                                        I was just thinking .. about how the world
                                        is so fraught with too many doing not enough
                                       to love themselves.. for they offer nary .. to
                                       themselves - first
                                       Thus, those they claim to love or care about ..
                                        come  - last!

                                       Doesn't make much sense . does it?
                                       all cause .. they are going .. way too fast
                                       that unkind doesn't get to far ...          
                                       only Kindness is meant to last

                                       Babies are rendered autistic; neglected, not noticed much
                                       Unloved children are seen as s sickly and unhappy bunch
                                       Nurturing Mothers; blamed and ridiculed - ache as such
                                       Our valuable elderly; die 'young' when left untouched

                                       My puppies would find no need to stay alive ..            
                                       if not for one loving heart - nourishing them

                                       With I had merely ONE ..
                                        such as I

                                        Rather than cry ..               
                                        I  will take my very early morning ... 1 mile run
                                        with two pups under-toe ..
                                        out of my head .. 
                                        and into my body.. I shall go!

                                       To Glow,

                                      Kat soon to Purr - again




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