Monday, August 12, 2013

I matter not .. to many

                                          I matter not; to many ..

                                          Wisdom can't be bought 
                                          shiny .. no longer, that old penny

                                          I  matter not; to many ...

                                          Wise Woman; rarely sought
                                          still gives .. all to plenty

                                           I matter not to many ...

                                           Common sense.. be naught
                                           ill-doer's; gain false entry

                                           I matter not to many ...

                                           Inner Beauty; injustice brought
                                           Love's sweetness; need no sentry

                                          I matter not to many ...

                                          This Mothers gifts seen as rot
                                          four years; before he was twenty

                                          I matter not to many ...

                                          Traitor's fears ; be besot
                                          truly, my son cannot be happy

                                          I matter not to many ...

                                          Kindness can be taught
                                          offender's receive own penalty

                                          I matter not to many ...

                                           Loveless; are the mean 'lot'
                                           Cruelty receives 'hollow victory'

                                          Katherine Marion

                                          This eve, after excitedly turning on my son's
                                           Acer that I finally was able to afford fixing ..
                                           I found my son's deadbeat dad's girlfriend
                                           had posted a picture of Kaelin with Noah
                                           and my son's negligent 'dad' who was never
                                           'there' for him, all of these years and almost 2
                                           decades, had posted a pic on her wall.

                                           If that image .. was not enough to sent me
                                           into deep sobs ..

                                           Noting that the boy whom once adored me and
                                           decided to stop calling me " Amazing Mommy"
                                           or by any other title ..or even .. call me .. on the phone,
                                           had responded to K's gf's comment, when he does
                                           not even bother to talk, visit or acknowledge me -
                                           as a person - let alone a deep, feeling heart who went
                                           went through hell to not only give birth to beautiful him,
                                           after 34 hours of intense labor, 3 epideral's, and that
                                           perfectly formed 2 pound placenta - wrapping it's curling
                                           cord around his precious neck, 2 x , but also saving him
                                           from a violent foster home/wrongful and harmful 'government
                                           intervention, at tender-hearted age 8, and again - at 12, where
                                           we went into hiding - once more, until our lawyer came to our 
                                           trusty aid.

                                           So many liars .. spinning their webs.
                                           Soon he shall see their lies sticking ..
                                           like the unlikeable dirty flies .. they are.

                                          Maybe they will all die
                                          or fly away .. soon.

                                          May our infinite love .. see Son-shine.. soon.

                                          Mother with no one who wants her as blessedly so



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