Saturday, August 24, 2013

Everywhere .. I flow

                                                   Everywhere I flow ...
                                                   I witness the wounded
                                                   nowhere to go

                                                   Everywhere I flow...
                                                   You know I am found
                                                   watching me glow

                                                   Everywhere I flow ..
                                                   We make love, together
                                                   because we know
                                                   Everywhere I flow ..
                                                   There is hope, together
                                                   Our heart's .. SHOW!

                                                   Katherine Marion

                                                   I was going to write of being lonely .. and I felt better .. of it.
                                                   Knowing I am here to raise spirits, hope, and cloudy skies ..

                                                   Allowing my soul to drop out of my bottomless heart ..
                                                   Giving you what is best for me and you - my Loving
                                                   Confidence is a better future with a braver people's and a brilliant
                                                   diamond light .. that cuts through all of the crap!

                                                   That's that.

                                                    Purring Kat - soon to bed down with Puppy Love.


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