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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rather meet a Man who knows how to wield an Axe!

                              Rather meet a man who knows how to wield an axe
                              than buy into a politician; levying another B.S. tax

                              Rather see my Son turn into a real Man with heart
                              than watch my child morph into some asshole's fart

                              Rather run with our Labs in the forest undergrowth
                              than divide as a family, separated and dead; both

                             Rather taste raindrops on my healthy, pink tongue
                             than be left alone with everybody who is a 'no One'

                             Rather feel 'bad' and do something positive about it
                             than on a fat, lazy, ass - with muddled mind - to sit

                             Rather be dancing in the breeze with pretty flowers
                             than being offered 'options,' and dis-owning powers

                            Rather love a man who is kind to everyone he meets
                            than sleep with a snake charmer who reeks of deceits

                            Rather live by myself and age on my own, gracefully
                            than die a liar, as I make a clumsy exit, ungratefully

                            Rather pick berries from the prickly, outdoor bush
                            than 'join the rat race' continuing  to push, push, push

                            Rather advertise for my own  "Real Man with a Van"
                            than keep 'thinking' that loneliness .. is all that I am

                            Rather reject old philosophies that never suited me
                            To gather nerve endings.. and set my sorry self free

                            Rather learn by mistakes and experience true bliss
                            than swallow another shitty Shaman's soulless kiss

                           Rather identify what "Truth"  means to magical me
                           than  following another simpletons' useless  decree

                           Rather use my mind; to further empty;owning space
                           than look into another smiling snake's diseased face

                           Rather make my heart my milestone of the millennia
                           than be led astray from my trusted internal anteneae

                           Rather lead others towards shared hope and victory
                           than waste away in a world that doesn't matter to me!

                          Katherine Marion

                         Picking the last of this season's succulent Blackberries ..
                         off of the tender vine - this evening  ...  enchanted 'end of summertime
                         rain .. lovingly, lit upon me.

                         Later, I met a very impressive 27 year old man, named
                         Patrick, at the local gym. With the mere 15 minutes allotted ..
                         before the gym was to close, we began an intense conversation
                         as I made use of the leg curl machine he'd earlier been on.

                        Turns out he has a blog: " Liberal Coast." Straight off, he asked
                        me if I'd " heard of Alex Jones?" " Of course, my Son and I
                        used to pay a lot of attention, to him. Especially when I was
                        writing a whole lot of one pager articles for The New Agora
                        Paper. And, my mid-teen was paying a lot more healing attention
                        to "influential" me.

                        What really struck me is that he 'got it' that " Women are Precious,"
                        and " should not work." Well, even though some" Feminist's" may
                        want to enlist me into their vagina-free army, full of militant
                        and magical-less army, rife with the worst male qualities of gross
                        aggression and the shortest attention span - only rivaled by their
                        obsessive-compulsive focus on that all pervasive ...
                        small 'penis envy,' I agree!!!

                        This single Mom, never knew that she would have to be the 'pants
                        of the family,' as my son went from attachment parenting bed, to
                        boobies.. all to soon,  thrown into a stink'n sea of waves that brought up
                        bilious dykes working in the un-welfare system who told me that
                        I needed to sleep with them, basically, since I did " know how to
                        control," my Son - that was at age 4!

                        Kaelin going into puberty, with millions watching my every move
                        .. whilst misunderstanding my purest philosophy of 'homeschooling,'
                        'raw, vegan living,' and a heart-based relationship - as in a symbiotic
                        bond that began to seen as something sinister and "insane," rather than
                        exactly " what the world needs now," to heal and move forward ..
                        into an altered state of consciousness, where "All for One -One for
                        All," is not simply song silly song, sung by 3 Musketeers as they
                        play on more t.v. re-run!

                       People need to wake up, this moment ..
                       cause this .. is all that we have.

                       In unity,
                       Katherine Marion



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