Monday, August 26, 2013

Have you ever ...?

                                         Have you ever
                                         met a Woman
                                         clever  ..
                                         using her tits
                                         as a shelf?

                                         oh, no -  never!

                                          Better than he
                                          on chubby but
                                          fat belly

                                          making his penis

                                          like a sly Elf.

                                          Babies laugh
                                          cry every freely
                                          can't we?

                                         Old people
                                          truly die young

                                          hearts unsung.

                                          I love you
                                          forget the pain
                                          dried rain

                                          This is now
                                          wake up to see
                                          Truth is Family!                                            

                                          Katherine Marion


                                        On a lighter note..
                                         After eating 6 non-GMO cobs of freshly harvested
                                         locally grown, organic corn
                                         this clearest eve

                                         sharing with puppies, two
                                         dropped a bite or two
                                         if you can believe ..
                                         upon ample breast!

                                         What's a little fun ..
                                         between friends
                                         more like 'twins?

                                        where the heart helps
                                        along with gleeful yelps ..
                                        everybody wins!!






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