Monday, August 26, 2013

Edward Sits Patiently at my Feet

                                                    Edward sits
                                                    at my feet

                                                    Thelma lays
                                                    curled up
                                                    upon the cot

                                                    I am loved
                                                    two pups
                                                    always here

                                                    Such peace
                                                    do we share
                                                    feels good

                                                    My son left
                                                    ran away
                                                    sad shame

                                                    No more lie
                                                    lost in pain
                                                    almost a year

                                                    Me to blame
                                                    him to hide
                                                    trust died

                                                    Tired of hurt
                                                    like I'm dead
                                                    joy- instead

                                                    Kept him safe
                                                    forgets mom
                                                    ghost so glum

                                                    No one cared
                                                    Love shared
                                                    lives in me

                                                   If i was gone
                                                   cares not
                                                   lesson taught

                                                   Eyes of tears
                                                   no more fears
                                                   real is my heart

                                                   Prepared am I
                                                   to even die
                                                   this is not life

                                                   Nobody's wife
                                                   or Mother
                                                   allowed to be

                                                   Guess I'll just
                                                   go the gym
                                                   to really see

                                                   I am still free
                                                   stretch and bend
                                                   hurt to end

                                                    now, first up
                                                    wait no more
                                                    joy to erupt

                                                    human sacrifice
                                                    I am not
                                                    selfless is nice

                                                    loving myself
                                                    surpasses all
                                                    standing tall

                                                    amidst a war
                                                     with laptops
                                                     loveless shore

                                                     swimming now
                                                     for my life
                                                     ignorance, rife

                                                     feel good, again
                                                     feel the rain
                                                     upon my face

                                                      Grateful Goddess                                          
                                                       lives and loves
                                                       no more shoves

                                                       happy to rest
                                                       do what's best
                                                        move ahead

                                                        get out of head
                                                        accept; instead
                                                        empty shelves

                                                        cannot fill up
                                                        on their own
                                                         truth is known

                                                         Just say, "Yup"
                                                         always accept
                                                          devoted Pup!!!

                                                          Katherine Marion


                                                         People will always find reason to
                                                         act unkindly, abandon those they
                                                         once claimed to deeply love.
                                                         What happened to that Angel
                                                          brought to me, from above?

                                                          Offering my heart and soul
                                                          on a fruit-filled, overflowing platter...
                                                           What does it matter?
                                                            There's no harmony, whatsoever
                                                            hiding behind modern technology
                                                            opposite of  being free

                                                            Denial's a hard one to shatter
                                                            Owning my powers is easy
                                                             staying within my heart to see
                                                             no matter what is done to me

                                                             Self-Love - my top priority!

                                                              Now and Always, 

                                                              Katherine - as my own Mother who loved me;
                                                              so gratefully named and looked after me





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