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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Purring Kat - Kisses back ..!

I don't care what they say, dogs do get jealous. Thelma is my Alpha female and she does not permit her submissive baby bro to go into my cleavage to retrieve his balls ..not when she's around!
pic snapped June 2013 at P's penthouse in Van

Big Kat
Kisses back ..

in her cleaveage ..
she keeps a snack
call it "dog nap'
take that!

Big Kat
Kisses back ..

 with her heart
to sweetly impart
lucky lark
nil a bark!

Big Kat
Kisses back...

on her bike-ride
to slay a Deer
not a fear
love's here

Big Kat
Kisses back ..

powerful Women
'do dogs,' well
pups can tell
no hard sell!

Katherine Marion


After a real, live dick, sending me his .. on facebook, an Asian student paying me $60.00 in the berry bushes - to wax my calves and massage my face - in a few hours - groan - and a burger-eating belly-fat carrier - scaring the h out of me, as i envisioned what i would write on fb - later, and a hilarious clip i watched online, I have had many 'orgasms,' today.
Well, you know what i mean ..? They say that when you belly laugh - as i divinely did, when pups both began to lick my face and even later - swatted my nipple - whilst going 'for me' to show their love, I have laughed much. today. And, to 'keep it up,' is what i choose. Besides, it gives me more funny stories to share - hey?

Kat purring

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