Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thelma licked me so hard

                               Thelma licked me so hard
                               she knocked my head
                               against the wall

                              Thelma swats me in the tit
                               she may want it to lick
                               I'm her human ball

                               Thelma just took a shit
                               she looked at me after
                               to run down the hall

                               Thelma eats paper towel
                               pukes it up, later
                               who takes the fall?

                               Thelma wants attention
                               fight her baby bro
                               gnaws on him, slow ...

                               Thelma got hit by a car
                               chasing a rabbit
                               wish she's just sit

                                Thelma is just a puppy
                                17 months young
                                Fur - hard won

                               Thelma is my bitch
                               unconditional love
                               worth every shove!!

                              Katherine Marion


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