Monday, August 26, 2013

No one need be left alone

                                        No one need be left alone
                                        empty hearts; un-shown
                                        my, mine has so grown
                                        love for me; once known

                                        Must keep believing in me
                                        no matter what others 'see'
                                        boy, once so kind and free
                                        loved me; unconditionally

                                        It doesn't matter what's said
                                        vital to stay out of my head
                                        most people; beyond dead
                                        choose to be happy; instead

                                        Very little time in this world
                                         to touch your toes; uncurled
                                         get out of the fury; unfurled
                                         a  madman missal's; hurled

                                        Stay in the light to shine mine
                                        not loving me; certainly crime
                                        many mean ones; feel not fine
                                        dark; since the dawn of time

                                        Compassion; top of my list
                                        Angels i once lovingly kissed
                                         so what if the target; i missed
                                        not enough to slash my wrist!

                                        Katherine Marion

                                      Safely out of fear .. lives only Love!!!

                                      Tears drop onto the laptop that my
                                      once so shining Son, kindly lent unto me

                                      Never thought i 'd see what's happening
                                      to this mindless world ..

                                      Al  I can do is continue to be grateful
                                      for  the kindness, and caring .. found
                                      within ..

                                      That at least this lonely and overflowing
                                       healing heart, can easily choose to see,

                                      Special K - this and every day


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