Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pumped Up For Spring

What's a Woman to do when left all alone in the weight room?

Pump up her biceps and get ready for her own Va Va Voom ...

Who's to know what a Woman needs for her body to feel its best?

Yesterday it was chest and today it's arms she puts to the test

Where's a Woman to go where there are mirrors everywhere?

A gym is sacred space allowing her time for herself to take care

When's a Woman to love her own body except in a public space ?

Focusing on definition of every fibre and forgetting about her face

Why's a Woman to love everyone except her own blessed self?

Loving the person in the mirror is her highest form of inner wealth!

Katherine Marion


Interestingly, I asked 3 separate guys to snap a few pics of me. Most images were mainly roof  and machines. All of the body-building males were afraid to get too close. Could it be all that grunting and grotesque face gestures that caused them to distance themselves from a half naked woman, twice their age?

What does it mean? Lift weights with my baby latching on between reps, as I used to; utilizing an old, flat, up-raised board as a make-shift weight bench, instead of travelling to the gym.? Set up a tripod and allow the shutter to go wild, in ways I no longer seem to?

The gym is my church of self-love that I have been visiting on a religious basis, since I was the tender age of 19. For over 30 years I have been focusing on me for a few hours a week. A precious time where I allow all and everyone to disappear ... so I may see my own forgotten self in a more defined light.



  1. my dearest katherine. you inspire me to take back some of me... as a asingle mompreneur with 4 lovely girls i do not take nearly enough time for me.

    i am however discovering that if my light dims i cannot illuninate tha path of our life for my girls...

  2. Rawsome!

    This morn, after sleeping too few hours, as ever, having a new female friend tell me her husband will not allow her to be friends with me, being knocked off my bike by my pubescent Aries son, and biking 10 miles to pick up raw food for him while he 'waited' after his rough recreational swim, I am still working at achieving more space for me!

    Yet, bless you for your conscious connection Kootenay Mompreneur ( love it! ).

    Yummy you are so rawsomely right in knowing and remembering that highest intention that serelnely sits within the most wondrous inner and precious parts of you.

    We must look after our highest and most impassioned selves - role models - radiating inner happiness and a sense of healthy self satisfaction.

    You words are surely as wise as your divine daughters are blessed to have consciously chosen you to guide them on their Goddess-sent wondrous way ...

    love MOMMA k