Monday, March 15, 2010

Biking With My Baby - For The Raw and The Right!

On the way to play we stopped at Kerrisdale Bikes

to tighten my teenage son's slackening bike brakes

I bought a fancy helmet to protect one happy head

filled with hope and hearty tires with good tread!

Of course we found a bicycle to soon to bought

for his 14 birthday celebration this good April 4th

if he bikes 4x a week as he has promised to so do

 pubescent hormones discipline to follow through ..

Stopping on 4th to slurp a smoothie pink and sweet

sharing more goodies meant to sweeten loving two

family aimed at healing as they revel in their bliss

glad to be outdoors and sharing natures divine kiss.

Treading lightly across town to visit Organic Lives

where we practically live to enjoy all that is served

to devour the best vegan raw fare to be found in Van

making my teen happy and me more of all that I am.

Climbing up Cambie and back to Marpole for home

knowing I have warmed my shining son with food

for thought and appetites filled with love and light

creating a delicious day made with the raw and right!

Katherine Marion


The only money it really costs to ride a bike in the Springtime of this growing and glowing city, filled with early Cherry Blossoms and other eartthly delights, is the well-spent cash intended to divinely dine and  fill your your rawstruck tummy ... tight, with treats from and other yummy delight!


You absolutely must bite into the non-dairy, soaked Brazil nut cheese - prepared with Brazil nuts and loaded with spunk, spice and all yumminess; real and rawsomely nice.

Post your conscious commentary and show me from how many a magical mile I may see your sweetest smile ....

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