Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Lives

Home is where the heart lives

in a place so simple and pure

Peaceful is the sacred space

where we relax and unwind

Sanctuary of our very own

where busy minds find rest

Solitude to lose ourselves

when nothing else works

Fuel to feed our weary self

with renewal to start afresh

Food for souls to feast upon

as winds outside blow fast

Drink for sore and tired eyes

in a world filled with chaos

Yoga for a life overflowing

breathing in our own creation

Slowing down for a lifetime

coloring with hope and light

Refuge is a place we all need

home is peace found within.

Katherine Marion


The other day, I  sat at our refurbished teak table I bought for my son, so many years ago. After many moves in a few years, I ponder this place we moved to almost one year ago. Throughout the seasons, I watch the tree outside our living room window, change its splendid colors. Bare branches that now look my way, bespeak of me sitting tight, being mindful and stroking my genius brush upon the conscious canvas of my life.

Hope you enjoy one more view of my loving life!


  1. tee hee, i have 4 girls, one bathroom and lots of shoes, purses, feathers and lovely girly things, oh yes and barbies - my taylor says you are a beautiful barbie - there ya go raw food barbie Katherine - love ya lady K XO say hello to young son.

  2. I took up my carpet and stained a concrete floor. I love your wooden floor!

  3. Thanks Kootenay Girls and Charlotte!


    Bless you, wee Barbie - Taylor, and may we all be as blissed and blessed as we allow ...

    I am so glad and grateful to hear your positive commentary. KEEP IT COMING ....

    LOVE special K