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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Half-Naked with Overflowing Cups ..."Healing The Healer" with Doc Mark

 I am looking forward  to listening  in on my  interview with Doc Mark on his blog radio show - - HEALING THE HEALER - titled in honor of me and so many un-named caregivers whom so generously continue giving until they have nothing left to give. And, how a few of us are able to fill ourselves up in an overwhelmed and undernourished world of wounded mortals battling combat fatigue, surrounded by unconsciousness, and too tired to care ... especially for themselves.

I was asked how I raise my brave and bold boy to deals with what comes at him in the lowest physical realms of this crazy world. One more good question. All I had to spontaneously say was that since my shining son was taken at the tender age of 8 by MCFD, he knows all about street smarts, even though I kept him protected and safequarded from outside dangers; never suspecting of course, that the good o'l B.C. government would illegally hoist my gentle child from my loving care to unconsciously cast into a gay foster home, where he was abused in a myriad of far from magical ways.

Doc Mark has a 15 year young child of his own. I would dearly like to interview him at some precious point in kairos time, concerning so many issues that have come at him and his beautiful boy. As far as my happy homeschooling 13 year young son, Kaelin, I keep him grounded by offering him love, affection, constant guidance and moral support. This Goddess guides one miracle of a hormone injected teen, with her infinite light that shines down upon so lonely many. Exemplifying the rawsome role-model that is needed to encompass all consciouness that gorgeously growing males need in order to glow and grow as they become their own compass and learn to navigate their wondrous way through this crumbling mass of often mindless matter; called life.

I spoke of how I spend sacred time in the sunshine, even in the middle of January. Naked! Since the two doctors had earlier been discussing the multiple merits of Vitamin D, I felt it only made sense to add to the supernatural equation, in a wickedly wonderful way that works for me. Of course, knowing that my host thinks of me as a Vancouver Va Va Voom,  and that he just hosted a show where he discussed at length ... a Hooters hottie who is younger and a cup or less than  my all-natural 34 F, I felt a wee bite obliged to be as unedited as possible and am sure I added a little cream to stir ... Besides, simply pretending to be MOTHER THERESA WITH TITS can get to be beyond boring. Gotta stir the pot and turn up the heat, when you sense your power is felt and others are feeling their wild oats, even if you eat only raw, vegan and orgasmically organic, at that!

One of my favorite questions centered around how this bombshell deals with growing older in a superficial society overly focused on the illusion of beauty that must never fade or diminish. From costly tampering by a facial surgeons scalpel or one more bout of botox for aging babes to grand old dames such as Cher, whom has had her butt professionaly hoisted as many times as she has  worn one more cut-out Bob Mackie designer gown for public display or damsel dismay. What could a never tampered with wonder of her own woman-kind possibly say .. except that I am dealing with this age-old issue with humor, personal happiness and the coping skills that come with living a loving and conscious existence based on my own real-ity and being as true to mine magical self as purely possible.

After our invigorating interview, I was so psyched I knew I must walk hand in hand under the stars, with my shining star - Kaelin, and throw myself in a thoroughly heated sauna to flush lifes toxins and refill my overflowing cups that runneth over with the nurturing that this bascially uncultured culture needs to cure them to the forgotten core of their begotten being. Knowing that this healer must continue to heal herself caused me preciously pause for consciousness-celebration; divinely deciding to stop in for some of  my favorite TCM pampering at Big Feet on Granville Street. Gratefully laying my tired head down, I listen to heart-rendering Chinese love songs sung by an Asian songbird that send flushes of new-found energies through my struggling system, while an energetic Chinese lady keeps telling me: "You are so sexy", as she deftly drills into the knots in my shoulders with knowing fingers and a postive attitude that bespeaks of women who work hard and appreciate the deeper and finer things in a world where wound is merely another 4 letter word that is ours to leave or fix as we so please.

Sitting upon my magnificent throne, in a bathroom, now replete with another fresh sheet of eco-friendly 2 ply of the gentlest sort, I nibble on a delicious assortment of imported organic fruits my favorite flower has so generously sliced up for the conscious custodian he so kindly calls his 'Amazing Mommy." Soon to ready for bed, after a homemade salad my son has happily prepared for the tender of  his tenderest emotions and keeper of his happiest heart, I am feeling as complete and whole as where and why I so supernaturally started; at the beginning ... Landing upon a luscious land of pure joy and all hearts, including mine, are kept continously open, to fabulously feel refreshed and rejunevated, simply due to an endless supply of sweetness that organically and orgasmically oozes forth from the brilliant bowels of a knowing earth that supplies all goodness and warmth that is essential for building hope and a kinder planet built on faith and following trusted instincts that tell us the  only way to find our wounded way is to claim our personal freedom.

Katherine Marion


Elvis sings "In The Ghetto", on the radio that plays 24/7 in our supernatural dwelling, in which all that is divine and delicious ... keeps getting wetter and better  .... As a mighty Lotus rises out of the sordid sadness where she was once planted; pure as a ray of warming light, she grows and gorgeouly glows, touching all with her tenderness and strength.


Yes, this is me and my a few of the magical morsels I lift to a mouth that freely opens for more goodness and greatness that feeds and fuels me to lift more mountains and climb up from the deepest valleys of despair, now layed bare with luscious love to spare ...

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