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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pogo Stick And A Football

Pogo stick and a football

two boys looking for fun

Playing is what they know

teaching lessons to us all

Letting go of what is not

leaning against their wall

Finding new ways to see

one short and other tall

Joining forces to be one

rising before the fall.

Katherine Marion


Well, here I should be in bed, again. Yet, I have so much to share. And, I have not even touched upon the power bike-ride I went on, after the boys fled for the outdoors, and I was free to fill my hungry lungs with fresh air and moonlight.

Please enjoy one more sacred segment of my life.


Now, to somehow get my itchy fingers off of the bewitching keys of magical keyboard. With a noon hour massage to give,  a little rest may just further restoreth my soaring soul ...

Watch out!!!!

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