Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Be A Fool - Eat Your Fuel!

Here comes Granola Girl

of the 21st century

born raw

wild and free

Her conscious choices

setting spirit free

now alive


She feeds herself fuel

ever rawsomely

energy high

living intuively

Pure Goddess proof

rare beauty

joyful truth

sharing divinely.

Katherine Marion  - join and watch my new yummy video - uploaded this supernatural April Fools!


After Kaelin coming home, hours later than expected and promised; due to my delicious divinity getting lost and ending up at Van Dusen Gardens, before eventually walking all the way back to our home, near Richmond!

And, Mommy biting back her tears and hiding her fears .. as she earlier worked out in the weight room; anthing to transform the anxiety that was attempting to lay its deadly choke-hold on magical me.

Soon, after, finding my baby K - turning 14 on April 4th - awaiting his beloved Mommy's arrival, as he calmly sat, reading a book and sucking back the water I so kindly left for him, in the lobby.

Holy Goddess!

Was I ever grateful. Yet, the triggers were already set in place ... Thus, we went for  wee bike ride under the full moon and millions of diamond-tipped sparkling stars that lead us only to LOVE!!!!

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