Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Supernatural Start To The Day ...

This morning, my happy un-schooling 13 year young boy ( after his 12 hr sleep) and I started up our magical motors with a Supernatural Smoothie:

1\2  - fresh organic pineapple ( naturally packed with  Bromelain - great enzyme for super digestion ).

1 c. pure water ( hydrate and get happy )

3 ripe organic bananas ( plenty of pottasium )

1\4 c. organic hemp seed nut ( excellent source of vegan assimilable protein )

2 organic dates ( low glycemic on the index )

 1 T. Gourmet Extra Virgina Coconut Oil ( tastes unreal and full of EFA )

2.T. raw cocoa nibs  ( LOVE DRUG from the earth; magnesium-rich )

Delectably delicious lift to your luscious day!


After Mommy licked the Vitamixer clean and slurped down the beginnings of a fresh, new and organically orgasmic day, Kaelin uploaded a wonderful video Momma K had chosen; "Ring of Bright Water." An enchanting tale of a man and an Otter. a real life love story set England and Scotland. Nothing like the rare find of an old movie, filled with love and light to help ignit your own ....

Camped out in front of our faux fireplace, warming our tenderest tootsies and giggling with glee, we fed our tummies and souls. My spirit revived, after no sleep at all, since the day before, I was ready to look at life through a refreshed lens. We all need to be lent a little hope, sometime. If beginning ones day starts with the yoga of healthy eating and healing movies, then, so be it!

Later, I slept. My spirit lifted. A happiest heart filled and fueled. The most precious person in my world, at my steadfast side. What more can a devoted single Mommy ever ask for^

You must prepare this spontaneously created creamy concoction of a sensational smoothie for you and your own inner child. Awaken this morning and go Willd!

A few of my gifts that unveiled themselves, a little later in my deliciously darling day:

Butterfly Art for Mommy - by Kaelin

Canadian Tire discount dollars magically appearing for my purchase of an inner tube and a basketball for my Baby K

Our helpful neighbor friend, Ken, teaching Kaelin how to fix his own flat tire

A much needed power weight workout at the local community center for one more relaxed being

A ton of terrific new digital files to peruse through and upload for future blogs

Inspiration to possibly teach children and adults how to capture the immediate splendor of life - http://www.3rdeyefoto.com/, once my website is re-hauled and I feel in the right and rawsome 'place'.


Thus, thanks for allowing me to simply share a few wee wonders from my day. Every new moment brings another opportunity for emotional growth and evolution.


Rawsomely yours,

Katherine Marion



Thank you sweetheart shining son of mine!

Yours ...  is the sunshine in my everlasting life!


  1. Great way to start your day ..i wish i could ...lol..i get up to go to work ..330a...Mon-Fri...

  2. Dear Smoothsilk,

    Thanks for your comment. Soon to sleep ... now that it is 5:30 AM and I must awaken in a very short while.

    The passions of writing ...