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Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Friends

( Sweet as the first breath of Spring .... )

Two friends

one truth

three wishes come true

A lifeline

of love

shining through

Innocence found

in joy

hearts made gold

Blessed be the boy

his light

loves hand does hold

Brothers to bond

will keep

faith to renew

Sons of ours

may choose

myself and you

Child of Now

is safe

far and few

Souls to soar

soon gone

dear friends of two.

( Big brother K and sweet Charlie - play .... )

Katherine Marion


Giving credit to one more amazing single mommy and the joyful 7 year young being of beauty; she is so gratefully continually giving birth unto .,..


Kaelin stayed up with his blossoming buddy until the wee hours of their own magial morn; pounding one another with pillows and watching the purest precious dream of a movie ( Japanese anime: PONYO ) that  you would ever wish to enchantingly enter into ...

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