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Friday, March 5, 2010

Massage For Fair Maid Marion

Little do many, even comprehend, yet, empathize with how much it takes to single handedly raise a rapidly growing, 5 ft 3' teenage, homeschooling, hormonally-challenged boy, in a maddending modern world.  And, I might wisely add, this is none other than an all-knowing Aries male, fueled by frequently re-occuring test shots of almighty testosterone and a healthy sense of self. Watch out, Supernatural Momma!

Sleep deprivation and monetary concerns, being the major cause of any temporary grievance of mine. I figure if my sometimes adreneline-charged son is gonna help keep this night owl up ... might as well call in the conscious touch cavalary and allow gentle, loving Mehrani to help put the magic back in depleted me. Bring the adrenally fatiqued diva back to loving life, with probing fingers and a quiet intuitiveness that awakens all that is real and worthwhile.

For the generous gift of a Goddess-sent $60.00; I duly and divinely receive 1 1/2 hrs of  healing benefits from a timelessly beautiful 51 year young, single  Iranian woman, who comes to me with her fragrant Egyptian cotton sheets and leaves her table at home, since I so conveniently own my own.

Allowing me to let go ... this truly confident, certified paractitioner takes over... digging deeply into emotions long - buried. Miraculously undoing what has been unjustly done and cleaning this gemstone temple I reside within, so that I may gratefully kneel at my own feet and gratefully pray in sisterly thanks.

Last year, while living in sunless North Vancouver, at Woodcroft; 'the Iranian Village', I was blessed to meet one sweet and gentle soul whom helped make me whole. Afterwards, my pubescent son happily preparing rawsome ice-cream in our new Vitamix for our lovely guest who deserves all delicious honors. Hugging us both, on multitudes of invigorating, yet, thoroughtly relaxing invites of the most healing and sacred sort.

This morn, at 7:00 AM my saviour strolls in the unlocked door. Thoughtfully removing her ballerina-style slippers before walking down the hallway, with the most genuine smile, to greet me. I gratefully note the beautiful bounce of her magnificent jet-black hair and the kindest eyes you would ever wish to embrace. I know at once, that I am safe. The dearest heart has just walked in my door with a less than 7 hours notice and she is mine for an enchanted eternity.

The biggest kink I have ever had in the history of years of accumulative stress; co-agulating down the length of my splendid spine; melting under knowing hand and the purest, cleanest energy that a being could ever hope for. Talking about the bestselling list of events that have taken part in our action-packed lives, since we last saw our friend, close to a year ago, all pain dissapears and in its priceless place; remains only love that forever fills me with hope.

Sometimes it takes the kindest act of merely a loving touch to elevate a tormented soul and spirit lost. It is our divine duty to look after ourselves so that we are better equipped and able to deal effectively with all that comes our wondrous way. Coping skills must be many to safely gaurd ourselves against the slings and arrows that cause us to bleed and cry out in mortal pain. This is when we must be aware that there are other Angels out there, ready and purposely prepared to fill us with an intense healing light, so that we may shine ever so brightly, again!

Katherine Marion


Bless you, Mehrani, for carrying me unconditionally, causing me to gratefully remember that unconditional love is still a treasure to be fruitfully found. I nurture and protect our vested and most blessed feminine energies and I send back the shiniest mirror you continually share and show to me, glowing with gorgeously flowing energy ....


  1. There always seems to be a need for a great massage,to find a great care-giver to give compassion,goodness,kindness and gentle touch...:PRICELESS

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