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Sunday, March 14, 2010

King Kaelin And His New Clothing

Off to Sears for new clothing for my boy

Sales are on for Levi jeans and shirts to fit

Matching hoodies

For a growing teen

5'5 and merely thirteen!

Paralympics play in our post- Olympic city

More important for youth to look pretty

4' in one year

Another growth spurt

Costs jeans and a shirt!

Saturday night hockey is game in our town

Puberty knows not his never-ending bound

Gift from Greg

Cause Mom's loves lingerie

For both - someone's gotta pay!

Katherine Marion


We may thank our thoughtful friend, Greg for many gifts ...

 If only I owned as many lacy lovelies as Imelda wears upon her swollen feet. Yet, gifts for one Goddess and her golden boy -what a generous treat!


My smiling son-shine and merely a few pieces from his growing wardrobe .. You know, he asks so little, it is always a pleausure to give ...

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