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Saturday, March 13, 2010

MOVING on ... up towards A 34 F CUP!

I used to believe I was simply a 36DD

until I realized there was more to me

than meets the eye

and fills the pretty lace-covered cup.


I used to make myself the tight butt

of my own booby jokes and  tuck

my emotions away

inside my once overflowing cup.


I used to feel hands grab my breast

in ways for me not surely the best

for genuine growth

beyond the below standard C- cup.


I used to believe I was only boobs

magnets attracting rudest of crudes

lowering themselves

beyond my rapidly emptying cup.


I used to believe a shiny pearl necklace

was made of sperm around my neck

no matter how I felt

within the emptiness of my lost cup.


I used to believe that tits were for sucking

of one more selfish male who needed f...

screwing up my life

literally filling up my unconscious cup.


I used to believe I had to make men happy

how insanely innocent and sweetly sappy

all I was taught to do

emptying each and every delicious cup.


I used to believe my role was so small

my job was to allow red-necks to maul

private parts of me

tarnishing silver plate and golden cup.


I used to believe that it was only worthwhile

to stand up like my erect nipples to get a smile

until I grew up

to hold, protect and guard my own blessed cup.


Katherine Marion


I never know what is going to flow .. from my inner reaches. Surely shortened hemlines and sacred beaches cannot keep one more rock from smoothening itself into one more sacred grain of sand. Thus, I show my cards and continue to play my hand!


This pretty pic was taken at Malena Lingerie on the Yaletown end of Robson Street, this scintillating Saturday night. Thank you, Greg for the 3 gorgeous French brassieres with matching panties!


I actually received my own private personal fitting  ... to surprisedly discover that I am none other than a 34F cup!

Bye Bye DD ...

LOVE from my twins and me.

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