Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The One With The Nipples Poking Through

He wanted to buy the one with the nipples poking through

What's an aging bomshell to surely do?

Help the male with fantasies of yesterday to pay for today

Generous gift - horse who likes to play

Give him what he wants by allowing him to treat busty babe

Receiving is right with bra's to save

Open up the drawers to fill with flirt and female aplomb

Sharing feels good when no one does a Goddess wrong

Fill the dresser with lace and pretty colors much missed

Close the cupboards on frogs left outside and un-kissed

Open up to female longings upon this unearthly plane

Feeling feminine makes a woman feel less a plain Jane

So what is my nipples plainly show through for all to see

T'is only facebook friends and others hungrily ogling me

My breasts are mine to do with as I so unforgivingly please

So cover all A cups and don't even bother to girlishly sneeze!

Katherine Marion


Wait til I even more intimately write about how my pretty Polish brassiere-fitter showed me how to carefully tuck my naturally-full and resplendant Ta Ta's into a traditional fitting bra ...!!!!


Thank you , Greg for hanging around in this all supporting universe, like my beautiful breasts shall never have to !


I have known Greg since I was 19 and as he reminds me ... my breasts used to be "hard as rocks". Well, before anyone gets hit ... Don't call on Pebbles or give a Goddess-sent package a slam. All I can say is this Supernatural Woman is grateful to one thoughtful man!


  1. Im proud of you ..stand up "Be Foreal" you have what was 'gods gifts'from day one....people need to understand...Life is Good...

  2. You're 'aging' beautifully. Geez, you're not even of the 'aging' yet.

  3. bejond excellence! all Supernatural Canadian girl!!!!!!

  4. Fabulous female energies ..of gorgeous guest of Goddess-sent gratitude sent to Smoothsilk, Naked Wombat and Eldon, for your thoughtful messages.

    Bless you as we all enter into new and even more potent magical energies of 2011.

    Happy Birthday and yummiest year to me!!!!

    love and laughter,


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  6. Those are best nipples on earth! And I'm not kidding, you must I mean MUST post them in naked for all of us to see!

  7. Wonderful picture, I know I /do/ ache to suckle those.

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  9. Please don't stop posting Super! Your fans, men and women, are aching to hear more of your life philosophy and see your beautiful unclothed breast. I wish that one day I too will the same confidence as you do today!

    "I do not wish them to have power over men, but over themselves." ~Mary Wollstonecraft

  10. Love this pic. The natural breasts are missed now a days. Bring them back. I love the bra with over flowing (breasts) cups..and the perfect nipples that any man would die to latch onto...your a beautiful woman inside firstly but the outer image is amazing also..keep strong momma K...nobody can stop you

  11. Katherine, everything about you amazes me. Where can I find a clone, or, will you marry me?
    I can visualize a tour with you and me and the magic we could create, everywhere.

  12. This is the second marriage proposal i have received online, this week!

    Bless you for opening your heart.

    A tour would be telling and true to heart, as we both play our precious part.

    For now, feel free to donate those crystal bowls .. to this Goddess divine. A lot more positive energy .. put forth .. than paying for a marriage counsellor, down the road!

    And, far more sublime ..

    Supernaturally -every time,

    kat purring

  13. U are seriously lovely Katherine, but U already know my feelings regarding yourself!



  14. hi, in the photo is very much positive energy and when we speak of nature, so why not seriously "supernaturally without"?


  15. Your energy is so powerful...and your levels so high. You reach me deeply, a thousand miles away.

  16. Dear Hanny , Thanks so magically much!

    And, lovely Lynday - bless you for you own powerful words and reminding me of my own power.

    Grateful Goddess,