Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brightly Shining Son

Precious little being

with the glowing green eyes

opening up mine

Time flies ...

Purest ray of light

with the rose petal skin

revealing the truth

Allowing love in ....

Breath of fresh air

with the scent of Spring

offering new hope

Knowing all things ...

Brightly shining Son

with heart of pure gold

lighting my way

Secrets before untold ....

Katherine Marion


I am blessed to have capured this telling moment between my 13 year young son and I and all miracles that life brings unto us ... a couple of divine days ago.

Nowadays, youth have a bitter pill to swallow ... with all the craziness coming at them, from all sides. All I wish to do is keep my child alive and cognizant of the beauty that never lies .. within the wonders of of his magnificent innocence.

Gratefully sharing true love with you!

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