Thursday, March 11, 2010

Face Of A Friend

F  is for FOREVER

R is for RESPECT





Katherine Marion


Yesterday, early morn, upon awakening, after a a mere 1 hr sleep; I write down my fascinating dream about a male who insisted on continually hitting a peaceful female in the chin with an elastic-wrapped rock. No one in the vicinity said a word, as is often the case when insanity comes to claims its deadly Ist Place ribbon. Everyone allowed the unacceptable.

Then, I made my move ... Dashing the delinquent hopes of one more unhappy and most sorry soul, I quickly leapt up, as my instincts moved me to ... And, threw either the abuser or a part of his outward trappings out and down upon the ground. So  real. Deliberate. Final!


This dream was earlier preceeded by a very ill woman whom, in this physical reality; has repeately emailed me the most digusting letters, a growing heart could imagine. And, to remember that I first kept in touch with this bitter single mom, simply becuase her own teenager son is close to my own sons age and they used to innocently play in nature, together, as two bright and beautiful lights allowed to shine, should be.

Well, now she has brought my innocent child into her lowest of the low ...  head game and called him more than  one slanderous name. Of course, this mad frothing female dog ....  had no idea that my beautiful boy casually reads my emails.

 Wonder how she feels about herself after my 13 year old sends out a response, standing up for his Amazing Mommy and later tells me how good it feels?Simply to hold his own solid ground and do what he feels is right. No wonder I had the dream. Closure.


After my dream, I could have went downhill, as SHE of lowest stature would have wanted. Not I. Instead, I allowed my magical rational mind to drift and sift and rather than focus on a few bits of nitty grit in my pretty shoe, I wondered what the Face Of A Friend would look like ...

Firmly closing my divine doors on death and opening up to a wondrously new window, filled with life and love.

Literally allowing the most Incredible Gifts to come my conscious way ... today and onwards!

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