Saturday, December 20, 2014

He Spends a lot of time by Himself

                     " He spends a lot of time .. by himself, ' she told me this past morning
                        In another lucid dream, upon earlier awakening; eminent fair warning

                        Gingerly places his dreams on another forgotten lonely, lost shelf
                        Wondering where he lost his youthful stealth and vast inner wealth

                        She's very concerned and even though,not half as conscious, as i am
                        For he is not just a 'boy toy,' as he is to many .. he is my young Man

                        They are both lost right now, it seems;which is why i rely on dreams
                        No earthly crap to trap what is real, for i know what real truth; means

                        Ego has driven him with a wedge; further away than i care to phantom
                        Even though he is someone else's boyfriend, first he is my only Son

                        Not many care to admit the bond between a Mother and her male Child
                        Critics can call you, ' crazy,' and 'incest fantasies' drive sick others wild

                        Purity of unconditional love is what this" Amazing Mommy' knows best
                        One day, too soon, a grown Man - yet, originally, babe upon my breast.

                        Never forget to look after the vessel that carried you home in first place
                        Anything less than being yourself and embracing LOVE; souless disgrace.

                      Katherine Marion



                      I don't really care .. to pretend any more.
                      Better than pulling my hair
                      Yes, i know
                      To all too mad many, speaking one's heart
                      Can be such a brutal bore

                      Well, i swore I'd write was on my mind
                      Unto mine own highest self
                      Simply not a chore

                      Read what you will between my lines
                      Many 'worse crimes' .. i find.

                     Special K

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