Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The world needs this KIND of PURE LOVE

King Kaelin adn his 'Amazing Mommy' - circa 2005

                                             The world needs this Kind of  Pure LOVE  
                                             Attachment Parenting with another HUG
                                             Breastfed for first 7 Happy, Healing years
                                             Holding children close; dissipates all fears

                                             Single homeschooling Mom raises her Son
                                             Modelling Critical Life Skills; hard won

                                             Co-sleeping; paying attention to Heart's needs
                                             Planting Positive, Loving, Grateful Good Seeds

                                             Raw, Vegan, Organic, Living foods lifestyle
                                             Creates a joyful Child with the truest Smile

                                             Gentle talk, Positive affirmations, Kindness
                                             Allows Self Expression; plenty to Express

                                            Visiting Nature on a daily, Inspirational basis
                                            Erases of 'life' whatever tell-tale signs and traces

                                            Looking into open eyes filled with deepest Trust
                                            Being The  Loving Light is a Goddess-sent must

                                            Wanna grow a Child as natural as blessed mine?
                                            Ensure you Create Sacred Space for the Divine

                                            Whisper sweet everything's, all the timeless time
                                            Dance together and let him feel ever so Sublime

                                           Honor the person you gave Beautiful Birth unto
                                           Protecting one another; never let anyone undo

                                           Psychically talk from one Heart to the your other
                                           Be the best Son you can be to your only Mother

                                          Listen to what a Wise Woman shares with you
                                          Looking after each other is the most vital 'to do'

                                          Jealousy will host itself and find cause to prevail
                                          Losing your connection is the surest way to fail

                                         Never forget who you are or where you came from
                                         Always remember that without Two; merely 'one'

                                         Show Gratitude for the life who risked hers for YOU
                                        ' Giving back','only way, 'unto thine own self, BE TRUE/

                                         Katherine Marion


                                        Every single male i know, each immature one
                                        has not the balance i gave unto my own teen son
                                        Of 'dad, ' teenage x, and another .. all with Mother
                                        still cling to old misogynistic concept; none other
                                        Nil wish for my child to be held high in my light
                                        Each foolish 'boy';  running away in fear and fright

                                        Pushing my vulnerable  child to 'be a real man'
                                        Nary sordid sort; ever to be as close as I Am

                                        Old paradigm that does not and never did work
                                        Responsibilities these scoundrels'continue to shirk

                                        Envious of this Mother they wish they each had
                                        Aching to make me the 'bad,' 'mad' and surely sad

                                       In HISstory, when was it ever much so different?
                                       Before they just cut off her head, leaving theirs .. bent

                                       Remain steadfast, knowing that what we thus, give
                                       No vain bastard or envious fool can ever to easily rid

                                       One Amazing mom



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