Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On Firmer Ground

This wee wonder .. was shot 1 1/2 years ago,, when Puppy LOVE and I lived in cozy Kerrisdale.
Every single day, we would run the 'no more' Community Gardens - along the railway ties - trail.
Since .. CP Rail came in .. no longer, the sweetest community-loving tale!

            ON FIRMER GROUND

Everywhere i go .. i see those .. whom are not in the flow.
Accepting what .. and whom .. others have elected
Rather then using their wisdom to not only be selective
Yet, to speak up, create a rally, bring about revision
Serving up healthier provision; provides healthier decisions

This sunset-laden day; throwing a ball to our happy Labs
I felt loneliest stabs; seeing what was real and holding on
Speaking to a neighbor; where the sun once fondly shone
Telling me ' lucrative offers,' had been presented to owners
' Enjoy it while it is here!,' he not so kindly cautioned me
At first i thought he meant the sunset -'not,' most regretfully

One more cute, cozy cul de sac being sadly bought-off
Distracted people buying a lie- at HOPE . they do firmly scoff
What's 'wrong' with this world is most of the people within it
Selling themselves short and eating fear-mongering bull-shit
Everyone has ' a price to pay; ' sorry excuse for their insecurity

When i die it won't be with emptied well and buried dreams; dead
Setting my intentions, high; 'above water,' I must raise my head
While traitor's to self sell themselves stupid and hovel in the putrid
I choose honor my power with self responsibility' inner dignity
For the only way to help raise other's is to set your own self free!!!

Katherine Marion 

Duly inspired on my fb page with a very wise quote; 

' The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are 
always so sure of themselves. But wiser people, so full of doubts.'

Bertrand Russell 


Glad i am not .. alone. 

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