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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Have Never Met

                                            I have never met, yet, a more powerful person than I
                                            Other than my son in  lost innocence; whom never did cry

                                           Before i leave this impure planet to exhale with final sigh
                                           May you know that while most live ..this is how they choose die

                                           Praying is not to get upon your knees and do nothing at all
                                           Doing something is picking up that tired, threadbare ball

                                           Careless is the person who keeps his hoarding self hungry
                                           Blessed is the conscious creature who chooses to not flee

                                           I will go down without tears or carefully written eulogy
                                           By raising myself up I have given of myself, gratefully

                                           'May the best man' take over from badly injured me
                                            Might he be granted inner sight to soundly stop and see

                                           With breath of beauty may love be what rules this world
                                           Too many cold hearts with skinny lower lips, unfurled

                                           Donate what cannot be ever replaced by miserly fear
                                           The 'time' is now and forever; I feel this; loud and clear!

                                           Katherine Marion

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                                          Thank you.

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