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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Who Wears 'em .. anyway!


Who Wears .. em, anyway!

Patrick Greer is truly a bother of an incredibly irksome queer
filled with male re-adjusted, female-despising misogynistic fear

Give the poor oaf a beer

Patrick Greer asked for my panties, not my 'hand,'online
cleverly told him ' never to be sold, ' every single 'no tingle' time

Give his ego a shit shine
creepy pick-up

Patrick Greer is a super shoddy, 'poor salesman' from Wales
chasing after single mom's for piece of snail-bate, bratty 'tail'

Give his empty head a shake
flake of a facebook fake

Patrick Greer is so 'transparent,' his snot shines ..sheer
Of my ass - you ask -'Cloaked dagger'; Wouldn't stand too near, dear!

Katherine Marion


How to delete a deadbeat ...
bye bad bugger

love one happy, holy tree-hugger!


Yes, your welcome .. world.

Me ...unfettered, 'feathered' and free!!
 — at Bryan Ward Photography ltd. BWP.


As inspired by an idiot ..on facebook .. this Merry Xmas eve - alone with our dogs. 
Yet, not without my wit!

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